receipts from the future, pt. 10

“Sayang, which one do you want?”

“The OG glazed ones!” I squeaked. “What else do they have on the display?”

“Hmm…” you murmured. “Wait, let me get you on a video call. I don’t wanna mention all the flavors like I’m reading the Grammy’s nominations.”

The screen flickered for a bit before showing out your face, as big as the screen, with the goofiest smile ever. “So… you can see all the flavors here and choose some more, but I’ve picked some PB&Js for you because I remembered you love them.”

“Awww Sayang, you’re right. That’s so thoughtful.”

We ended up picking only one other flavor and filled the rest of the box with more of the OG glazed ones (“It’s the best ones. I can’t say no to them.”).

“Thank you for going for this quick errand after work.”

“No worries, the baby wants what he wants, no?” you bursted out in laughter, still on camera.

“Yeah… the baby… and I…” I added, puckering up my face.

“By the way, I think I’m pretty wasted from all the work today. So, no back massage for tonight, is that okay?”

“Totally OK, I think I’m pretty tired, too. Just snuggly-snuggly?”

“Snuggly-snuggly, of course. With all of the OG glazed we’ve bought. I’ll see you in a bit, Sayang.”

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