afterlife or oblivion?

As my grandmother lays on her death bed, thoughts upon death starts churning inside my mind.

Ever since I was a little child, I’ve always thought that death is something sacred where people mourn over the dead. When it comes to the word “death”, I immediately think about a funeral where everyone is dressed in black. Rain pours lightly, and they stand under their umbrellas to say goodbye for the last time. Favorite bouquet of flowers that symbolizes things are also put upon the tombstone. But what I see now describes almost the contrary; that death is not just a time when you’re supposed to express sadness and grief.

Death is also about management and preparation, because the dead ones can’t just be left there to finish their duties in real life in order to reach afterlife, right? Death is also a semicolon in life because when your loved one eventually stops breathing, there’s no reason to stop your life there, too.

I guess that’s the tough part in encountering death-related events.

Speaking of which, another thoughts of mine is that which one is better; having another life after death or just die into oblivion, where death means the end of everything?

Of course, having faith in afterlife actually makes people have a reason to do nice deeds. But it seems that they’re being overshadowed by the things considered sinful. There are probabilities that people might not feel have lived their whole life passionately due to gaining their ~ticket~ to a comfortable afterlife.

In another hand, dying into oblivion means that people have no worries about what kind of fate waiting there to judge how they have lived their life. But it also states that there aren’t any motivations for people to be nice other than common sense.

Unfortunately, not all people manage their common sense well (this line is after some long convos with friends) and that’s probably why, we need guidance in life.

This guidance is called religion.