tale of uncertainty

just when i think that
crystal clear state of mind
and understanding
will put things at ease

the Universe slows down
to make sure we get things
on our hands
but grants us with nothing
figured out

so, I allow fate to take me to places
and surprise me with
another possibilities
“the Universe must be joking,” I once said
but honestly, I don’t mind
and I laugh along

for the first time, uncertainty
to me.

what i miss about you

I miss

the crumbled sound of  used oily plastic you keep in your pocket

the clinking sound of spoon and fork you forcefully stab to your fried chicken

the subtle smell smeared all over your jacket

the shared sound of bass thumping from the leftie earphone in my right ear

because they simply say

that you are


she is the galaxy

‘Follow the lights, they will guide you,’

or so, they may talk

And I did


I traced the dim, uneven faint stars

Even in the darkest, they chirped out loud

And reverberated through space and time

They eventually got me to you


As you skinned yourself down

Tore that seen beauty of yours

You wished to expose me your core

Made of flakes of flaws


But alas, what I see was just another stars

For me, you are

the galaxy