receipts from the future, pt. 7

“I swear,” you mumbled as you grabbed another pack of instant noodles, “this is the UMPTEENTH time I’ve heard Every Summertime being played in this building.”

We were strolling around the aisles, taking a look every once in a while for our favorite products (or surprisingly good deals, which often led to unplanned purchase lol), while Niki’s voice was blasting throughout the supermarket.

“Yeah, my friend said she’s been hearing it literally almost everywhere,” I chirped. “But you have to agree, it’s a wonderful song. I don’t take a no for this matter, mind you.”

“Yeah…” you snickered. “It’s got all the good vibes. I’m not bored of it, though, it’s just… amazing that the song is literally everywhere. The parking lot, the department store, the ramen bar, the beauty parlor where you went to get your nails done, the place where we stopped by to get bubble teas… and now, in the supermarket? Cool.”

“But it’s a nice song,” I exclaimed. “It somehow… radiates the comfort of being with someone you enjoy being with for a pretty long time. It feels like a nice feeling.”

“It is a nice feeling, indeed, Sayang.”

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